Emerald City Comic Con 2021: What do you most want at your convention table?

SKTCHD made its presence felt in the beginning of December at Emerald City Comic Con, and did it in the most me way possible: by going around with a microphone and asking comic book creators ridiculous questions. Five questions were asked in total, with today’s being the final one from that experience.

This final entry might be the most difficult of them all. It’s about the tables in Artist Alley. These convention tables are amazing places filled with ingenious design by the fine folks located at each of them. But how could they be better? I asked creators like Mark Sable, Tula Lotay, Jeremy Haun, Robert Wilson IV, and more about that very subject. In short, I asked them what would they most want at their convention table if money and space was not a concern? The answers were wide-ranging, inspirational, and hilarious. You can find them below.

That’s it from this endeavor, but once more, I wanted to give a shout to friend of the site David Kelley for spending the day with me at ECCC recording these videos. It was an exhausting blast of a day, and David did exceptional work throughout. Thanks to David for being the best!