It’s Mailbag Time!

I'm now accepting questions for the latest Mailbag Q&A. Let's get weird.

It’s a new year, and a new era for one of my favorite things I do on SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon: my Mailbag Q&A, in which subscribers and backers can ask me whatever questions they might have about everything SKTCHD or Off Panel.

For those who are new around these parts, these Mailbags are a staple of the site, and give subscribers the chance to ask me whatever questions they want. These questions are often about comics and the industry around it, as well as writing, interviewing and podcasting, but they frequently are about other things as well, like sports, movies, food, travel, life etc. They don’t have to be about just real things, they can be hypotheticals, and they can be weird, fun, deadly serious, or really anything. If you have a question or questions, I’m here to answer them. The point is to have fun and to get a little weird when it comes to the world of comics and beyond.

I’m a new era though because I am switching it to a bi-monthly schedule. That makes it a bit easier to balance the Mailbag with my schedule and because it gives everyone more time for questions to come together. I feel like this will make for better mailbags, and will give me more time to make the magic happen.

Want to participate? It’s easy! I’ll be accepting questions until Monday the 6th, so if you have anything you’d like to work into the mix, you can submit them either in the comments of this very post – just click on the comments above or go to the site’s forum – or via email at Send me some questions, and let’s have some fun!