Let’s Do a February Mailbag Q&A!

After a brief flirtation with doing this as a live chat – and that may still come back, if you all are interested in it – we’re back with the regular, standard issue Mailbag Q&A for SKTCHD and Off Panel. For those that are new to these parts, of which there are many, this is a monthly occurrence in which you, one of the site’s subscribers or podcast’s patrons, get to ask me any questions you might have about anything for me to answer in a column later this month. It’s like Bill Simmons’ old Mailbags, except mail is a very archaic term relative to how these things work these days, so it’s more of a straightforward Q&A.

Topics do not have to be limited to comics either! They can be about comics or the industry or podcasting or writing or whatever! But they also could be about sports, the NBA trade deadline, movies, the Oscar nominations, TV shows, or whatever. All topics are open, and I’m happy to address whatever. The only note is that if your subject is closer to a fully researched piece, I likely won’t answer it here, but I might in a larger article! And I’m happy to take multiple questions, and these can be real or hypothetical. Whatever you want me to write about, I’m happy to do so.

How do you get me your question (or questions!)? It’s simple! Add them to the comments of this very post, or email me at david at SKTCHD dot com to get them in the mix. I normally run these the third week of the month, so just route your questions onto me by the middle of the month to get them in the mix. That’s it! Let’s have some fun and talk some comics — or whatever else you want to talk about!