Let’s Do a Mailbag Q&A for January!

It’s been a few months since we did one of these, so let’s refresh everyone – including all of you fine folks who are new to these parts! – on what one of these Mailbags are. A common occurrence in the world of sports writing, Mailbags are an opportunity for you, a subscriber to SKTCHD or patron of Off Panel, to ask me any questions you might have, at which point I answer those in a giant column. It’s that simple!

So what can you ask about? Unsurprisingly, the most common topic in these happens to be comics. Shocking, right? But it could be about comics themselves, characters, specific titles or runs, etc. or about the industry and everything that entails. But people also ask about podcasting, interviews, writing, research and other things involving my work, or just my takes on other subjects, ranging from movies and TV shows to vacation spots and running. Whatever! It’s all open, and questions can be very much based in reality or purely hypothetical. The point of this is simple: to have some fun and to talk about things that interest you and me.

So let’s kick the new year off right with a bunch of questions from all of you kind folks. Submitting a question is easy too. You have three options: add your question (or questions!) to the comments of this post, email me at david@SKTCHD.com, or tweet me at @slicedfriedgold or @sktchdcomic. Whatever you prefer! Send them on by Wednesday the 12th, though, as I’m trying to get this together for a mini-break I’ll be taking later this month.