Now accepting questions for January 2021’s Q+A!

This post was meant to go up a couple days ago, but anxiety related to the fate of the world and some coup activity – remember: The Coup = good, coups = bad – led to a bit of a shutdown in the ol’ SKTCHD offices.

But hey, we’re back today, and it’s time for one of my favorite times of the month: it’s Mailbag time! For those who are new here, each month on SKTCHD and Off Panel I have a Mailbag Q&A where you, the glorious subscribers of SKTCHD and patrons of Off Panel, ask me any questions you might have or want my take on about any subject. They could be about anything, truly. Comics and its industry? Sure! Writing or podcasting? Absolutely! Movies or TV shows? I guess those are things that exist now! Food or travel? Yeah! The current state of the world? Yeah, okay, let’s do it.

Everything is on the table, whether it’s one of those subjects or not, something real or hypothetical. This is a time for fun and sharing. So if you have any questions – emphasis on the plural, as I am happy to accept multiple from anyone – I’ll almost certainly include them. Send them into me by Sunday the 10th and I’ll work them into the mix. All you have to do to do that is add them to this post as a comment or to email me at david at SKTCHD dot com. Lines are open, so let’s get questioning, folks.