Now accepting questions for the April Mailbag Q&A!

Well, well, well, look what it is once again: it’s Mailbag time!

For readers, listeners and general SKTCHD/Off Panel participants who don’t know, I host a Mailbag Question and Answer session each month or two on SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon, giving you, the reader, listener, and general participant I’m referring to, the opportunity to ask me any question you might have about comics, the industry, the work that I do, or my own takes on things. And that’s what’s happening here, as it’s time for the April Mailbag Q&A.

As noted before, this can can go to a lot of interesting places. While the bulk of the Mailbag tends to focus on comics, the industry, and the site/podcast, it often ranges into subjects like sports and movies/TV or food and life experiences. Really, any subject is welcome, be it hypothetical or based in reality, and you all never fail to impress. Each Mailbag is loaded with fun questions, and that’s the point: to have fun talking about subjects we love.

Have a question for me that you’d love to see in the Mailbag? Or questions, plural? Let’s hear them! You can add them to the mix by dropping them in the comments, tweeting me either on the SKTCHD account or my personal one, or emailing me them direct at I’m either going to run this Mailbag next week or the following one, so as long as you get me questions by, say, next Tuesday, we should be good. Let’s make the magic happen, everyone!