The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of November 16th

Last week was a monster. This one is…less so, even though there are some good ones within. We’ll look at those and more from the week’s releases in The Pull.

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Book of the Week: Nightwing #98

In a light week, the top spot goes to…a Nightwing issue not drawn by Bruno Redondo?!?! That is an extremely unlikely result, given my natural Redondo biases, but there’s a good reason: it’s a reunion of the Seven Secrets team of Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo! Not only that, but this issue introduces Nite-Mite, a Bat-Mite/Mister Mxyzptlk-like imp from the Fifth Dimension that mimics Nightwing, and that mix of adorable and electrically alive is a perfect fit for Di Nicuolo’s art. I’m very in on this.

How does fit in the larger story, especially with the larger Heartless story going on? No idea! But I guess I’ll find out here!

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