Now Accepting Questions for the February 2024 Mailbag Q&A!

It’s that time once again, folks. As veterans of the SKTCHD and Off Panel arts know, I love to do the occasional Mailbag Question and Answer session, one where you — my kindly subscribers and patrons — ask me questions you have on your mind and I answer them. You know what to do, of course. But for those that are new here, here’s a quick walkthrough.

You’re a cool subscriber or patron. I’m the person who runs SKTCHD and hosts Off Panel, and I’m looking to answer subscriber and listener questions in Mailbag form. Those questions can be about anything. While they often orbit the world of comics and its industry, they can also be about the work I do on SKTCHD and Off Panel. They often aren’t, though. Questions tend to go all over the place, whether it’s related to those topics, other entertainment mediums like movies, shows, video games, or whatever, the wider world of sports, or my views on Super Bowl watch parties or the eternal pain of Alaska’s winters. I’ll take those questions and then answer them in a column that I post on the site and the Off Panel Patreon later this month.

The point is, I don’t decide what you ask, you do, and everything is on the table, whether they are real or hypothetical. The other point, of course, is to have fun. While there will be serious questions answered in a serious way, this column is always a varied one, and all approaches are welcome. While some questions might be too big for this setup and graduate to a larger piece on the site — which has happened before! — I really do appreciate the inventiveness people have in coming up with questions for me to answer.

And participating is easy. I accept questions through a bevy of methods, including the comments on this very post, emailing me directly at david at SKTCHD dot com, or hitting me up at whichever social media platform you prefer (besides Mastodon, because I still do not understand that place in the slightest). I’m aiming to run this the week of the 19th, so if you want your questions answered, try to get me them by Friday, February 16th at the latest! I’ll get them in the mix once you do, but hey, let’s have some fun!