Now Accepting Questions for the June/July Mailbag Q+A!

It’s that time again: we’re doing another Mailbag Q&A session on Patreon and SKTCHD! For those that are new here, this basically means it’s an opportunity for you, the subscriber, to ask me any question you might have about anything. Comics! The industry! Writing or podcasting! The state of the world! Basketball! Food! Quarantine! Whatever! If you have questions, I have answers, and it’s a regular-ish feature here, although this time, the Mailbag encompasses both June and July because I’m late to this one.

As per usual, these are designed to be fun, and they really can be about anything or something that’s based in reality or be purely hypothetical. Sometimes the questions are so good, I even turn them into articles like I did with one cartoonist Declan Shalvey submitted. At the same time, if you have a serious question, I’m game for that as well. Bonus note: this week is the fifth anniversary of SKTCHD/Off Panel, so if you’re looking for kindling for your question fires, that might do it for you.

So how do you participate? It’s simple: add your question to the comments of this post, or email me directly at Whether you have one question or 20, I’ll do my best to answer the lot of them. Make sure to send me your questions by Thursday, though as that’s my cutoff date for questions coming in.