Now accepting questions for the September Mailbag Q&A!

It’s time, everyone! Well, more specifically, it’s well past time, as I’m getting a late start on this, but hey, better late than never. I’m now accepting questions for the SKTCHD/Off Panel September Mailbag Q&A, in which you – a supporter of my work – can ask me any question you might have on your mind on any subject and I’ll answer it.

And I mean any subject! While the bulk of the questions tend to focus on comics, the comic industry, podcasting, writing or any number of other site or podcast related subjects, there are always questions touching on other topics like sports, TV shows, movies, video games, food, travel, or really anything you can think of. I’ve been asked about my thoughts on universal basic income before! Anything is on the table! I’m open to anything, whether it’s a single question or a wave of them. Whatever you want.

So how do you participate? Well, you can add them to the comments of this very post for one. You can email me at if you prefer. Or you can tweet me on the SKTCHD Twitter or my personal Twitter right here. I’ll be accepting questions until this Sunday, so get them to me soon and we’ll make the Mailbag Magic happen. Let’s have some fun!