The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of December 30th

Wow, and I thought last week was light! As per usual, the final week of releases is one of the year’s lightest, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t delights here. Let’s look at them in The Pull, my look at my buys, recommendations and curiosities from the week of comics.

Book of the Week: Wolverine #8

Here’s my thought process when it came to deciding what the Book of the Week was this time out.

Me: Wow, this is a light week. Maybe X-Factor’s first volume just so I can tout that book?

Me: Maybe I should check out the covers before I decided.

*browses covers*

*sees Maverick on the cover of Wolverine #8/#350 apparently*

Me: Wolverine #8 is my Book of the Week.

I really like Maverick, and that’s the entire story here. Sometimes weeks are small and you’re looking for an angle, and that absurd 90s X-Men character gets it done here.

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