The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of January 19th

I won’t be here to buy these, as I’ll be off gallivanting. But if I was, these would be comics I’m interested in, as, once again in The Pull, I share my buys, recommendations, and curiosities from the week of comics, led by a Marvel comic, but not the one you might be expecting!

Book of the Week: She-Hulk #1

She-Hulk as a title has a lot more history at being a great comic than you might realize. Even if you just look at recent history, Dan Slott’s work with the character and then particularly what Charles Soule and Javier Pulido did was straight killer. I’m always interested in new She-Hulk for that reason, as it’s low key a hot spot for great, fun comics.

And now we have Rainbow Rowell, the writer of two great comics in Runaways and Pumpkinheads, stepping in, as well as the ultra-talented Roge Antonio and Rico Renzi on art, with Jen Bartel covers? My god, what’s not to love here? Rowell feels particularly fitting, as her gifts for character and relationships feels as if it’s likely to offer a perhaps slightly different flavor than we’re used to. More than that, we’re getting back to She-Hulk being able to function as a people after a long stretch of being savage, a take I never really enjoyed. It all adds up to a ton of promise, and something I am thrilled to check out…when I get back from vacation!

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