Comics Disassembled: Ten Things of Note from the Past Week in Comics, Led by a Triumphant Return

It’s a Marvel heavy week on Comics Disassembled, as they seemed to be pretty much everywhere this week. Let’s look at what they were up to and more, as I share ten things I liked or didn’t like from the past week in comics.

1. Garth Ennis, Back In It

Let’s start with not a like, or a dislike, but a LOVE. I am Team Garth Ennis for life, so two new titles coming from him with two of his best collaborators on two of his strongest for-hire characters are very much up my alley. One you can see above, and it’s The Punisher: Soviet, a title he alluded to before when he visited Off Panel and one that’s now confirmed. It pairs him with his pal Jacen Burrows, finding Frank Castle squaring off against someone who is killing off the Russian mob and presumably what remains of the Russian mob because he’s The Punisher and they definitely think it’s him. So it’s kind of John Wick meets Frank, which is a heck of a thing. I can dig it.

The most exciting one, though, is another collaboration with one of the true GOATs, Goran Parlov. Ennis and Parlov will be teaming up for another Nick Fury story called Get Fury, which could be about the famed soldier and spy trying to arrest boxer Tyson Fury for being a bit of a jerk and I’d be all starry eyed about it. It’s coming sometime next year or so. I will be buying it and then slowly reading it in a bubble bath and a nice glass of wine. Too much information? Too bad!

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