The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of January 5th

The Pull is a look at my buys, recommendations, and curiosities from the week of comics. In most weeks, it’s a fact: these are the things I plan to buy! Given that it’s become completely uncertain whether or not comics will arrive in my shop this week – one of the clerks basically told me they know Lunar is coming in but Diamond is anyone’s guess – this column is mostly about theoretical buys. But if comics do arrive in Alaska, these are the comics I plan to buy. If I can. We shall see.

Book of the Week: Inferno #4

With this issue brings the end of the Jonathan Hickman Era of the X-Men. While the Krakoan Era will continue onwards, aspects of the story that began with House of X and Powers of X come to a close here. That makes this an easy book of the week pick, as I’m a Hickman mark and particularly love his X-Men work. I have genuinely no clue how this story might end. It could end with Moira dying and that not being a big deal. It could end with Magneto being voted Governor of New York. It could end with Jonathan Hickman himself become an Omega mutant. I have no clue!

And for that reason I’m excited. The possibilities are endless. The expectations – or should I say…x-pectations – are everything and nothing at the same time. Everything’s on the table and I love that about it. Please don’t spoil this for me. My excitement actually cares about not being spoiled for once.

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