Off Panel #84: The Story of Image with Todd McFarlane

In the final Image founders-centric edition of Off Panel, Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane joins the show to share his perspective on the story of Image. McFarlane talks the appeal of the move away from Marvel, the story behind Image’s creation, the meeting at Marvel and why they went to DC after it, why he stayed exclusive to Image, how the Image deal became more appealing to others, Robert Kirkman’s fit as a partner, Eric Stephenson’s impact, whether Image looks as he expected after 25 years, what the biggest difficulties were in figuring everything out, and more.

You can find Todd on the his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can find my article on the history and evolution of Image Comics on The Ringer.

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Header image is from the cover of Spawn #1, art by McFarlane. Intro and outro music is Vulfpeck’s Outro from their album Vollmilch. Thanks to the band for letting me use the track.