The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of October 18th

In a competitive week for the top spot, we’re favoring a second issue that likely needs a bit more love than debuts vying for the spot. Let’s look at that and more in this week’s edition of The Pull.

Comic of the Week: Hexagon Bridge #2

I wrote about the first issue of this series already, but I’ll just briefly reiterate what I said: This was one of the most exciting and inventive Image debuts in a long, long time. I have no awareness of Richard Blake as a creator at all, so picking up the first issue was a bit of a hail mary, but it was a gem, blending the feel of Fumito Ueda’s games with previous Image series Trees into something quite new and spectacular. The question is, can the rest of the series live up to its dynamite debut? We’ll find out the first part of that answer here, but I highly recommend reading Hexagon Bridge. It’s a very promising series from a very promising new person in comics.

Trade/Graphic Novel of the Week: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Complete Collection

Darwyn Cooke’s Parker graphic novels are some of my favorite graphic novels ever. That’s true individually, and it’s true of them collectively. Now, we’ll have proof of that latter point, as this week a glorious, presumably enormous complete collection of all these comics is released. As I believe I said before, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of these books already or if you’ve never read them: this one should be hard to resist. I can’t wait to get this tome this week.

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