The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of October 30th

Oh my god, you guys! It’s a light week for once! Well, relatively light week, but either way, I am happy to have a bit of calm after a very heavy stretch. I’ve been running deep for a while, so now I might be able to actually read the comics I bought before. Finally! Let’s look at what is coming this week, though, as I break down my buys, recommendations and curiosities from the week of comics in The Pull, led by a rather intriguing Dawn of X release.

Book of the Week: Excalibur #1

While other Dawn of X titles might have more obvious sex appeal, I have to say, there’s something about this Excalibur series that has always piqued my interest. Maybe it’s the presence of Apocalypse. Maybe it’s Betsy as a new Captain Britain. Maybe it’s the fact that this is the one part of the X-Men world that respects my guy Gambit. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I’m very much here for Excalibur, especially with its seemingly more magical lean, a direction I’m always intrigued by when it comes to the X-Men.

A big part of my interest comes from the team, as Tini Howard has displayed a real passion for the cast and world – plus, when Johnny Hicks himself touts your data pages, well…then you know we’re speaking my language – and Marcus To has been an artist who has always had A-list talent while largely being on B-list books. These are two very good creators who are potentially being elevated by this opportunity (I mean that in a very positive way, they deserve this fully), and I’m excited to see what they do with it. This is a high upside book, and I’m fairly confident we’re going to see that ceiling reached. I’m excited to find out one way or another.

Plus: I just love me some Excalibur. I have a very, very soft spot in my heart for that title, and it carrying on here is quite appealing. I’m here for it.

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