Off Panel #16: The World of Oni with James Lucas Jones

The Oni Press EIC talks his gig, line and the NBA

On this week’s episode of Off Panel, David welcomes Oni Press Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones to the show to talk about the world of Oni. Jones talks about his role as EIC, the books Oni looks for, how they tackle retailer outreach, diversity in all senses of the word, their open submission efforts they made earlier in the year, and much more. They close with a little talk about the NBA and Jones’s beloved Portland Trailblazers, as well as a little talk about an NBA star’s connection to a book Oni published.

You can find James on Twitter and his work on Oni Press titles everywhere.

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Cover art from “Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.” by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen and “Hellboy” by Mike Mignola. Intro music is Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double or Triple”, used with their permission (if they remember…I swear it’s true YLT!).