Off Panel #48: Forever Young with Skottie Young

The I Hate Fairyland cartoonist talks his work, comics and what's next

Skottie Young returns to the show this week, as the superstar cartoonist comes on to talk about his Image series, I Hate Fairyland. In this episode, Skottie talks his love of being a cartoonist, how he approaches creating the book, the value of figuring out the best way to tell his story on the fly, the importance of humor books staying nimble, the pros and cons of being young forever, how much of the book he figures out in the art stage, the fine line between adding too many pages to a book and restricting yourself too much, how The Good Wife explains how he’s handling the transition into the next arc of the book, David’s theory about the throne rooms of evil rulers, having freedom to go anywhere with his book and a whole lot more. It’s a great chat with one of the biggest creators in comics about the power of comic book storytelling.

You can find Skottie on Twitter, his website and in I Hate Fairyland at Image Comics.

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Header image is from the cover to I Hate Fairyland #6, art by Skottie Young. Intro music is Yo La Tengo’s “Periodically Double or Triple”, used with their permission (if they remember…I swear it’s true YLT!).