Off Panel #78: Twenty-ish Questions with Joshua Williamson

Writer Joshua Williamson returns to the show to talk about a little bit of everything, from the professional to the personal. Williamson talks about writing the biggest selling title in comics (Justice League vs. Suicide Squad), bringing his Image Comics series Nailbiter to a close, how the health of the comic industry impacts the way he plans his projects, revisiting Williamson’s Applecart Theory because of Marvel’s latest #1s, what he does with his free time, whether he gets hyped over his recent big news, his initial reaction to learning DC was bringing Watchmen into play, his take on Suicide Squad and comic adaptations overall, how his writing changes depends on the art he works with, his most impossible to resist vice or crutch, how the state of the country impacts as a writer, and more.

You can find Joshua on Twitter and his work in The Flash, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Nailbiter, Birthright and Frostbite.

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Header image is from The Flash Rebirth with art by Carmine di Giandomenico. Intro and outro music is Vulfpeck’s Outro from their album Vollmilch. Thanks to the band for letting me use the track.