Off Panel Live #4: Sam Humphries

Off Panel Live! continued onwards this past weekend, as I popped onto the SKTCHD Instagram for a chat with the writer of Dial H for Hero and Harley Quinn, as well as one of the chief organizers of the recent #Creators4Comics efforts, Sam Humphries. As per usual, it was a mix of comics talk and more about the person themselves, and Sam was a blast to talk to as he always is.

Humphries joined me for ten questions and a walkthrough of some of his favorite WildStorm comics, as he and I share love of Jim Lee’s famous creation. This took us into a fantastic conversation about #Creators4Comics, Prince, Dial H for Hero, Harley Quinn and her transmedia presence, his love of LA, DC Daily, even more WildStorm, and more. It’s a super fun chat, and you can listen to it here.

However, for those expecting a typical Off Panel episode, this is recorded over an iPhone so the audio quality isn’t what it usually is. It’s a fun episode! It’s certainly worth listening to! But the quality isn’t QUITE the same, although I’ve been accused of being overly particular about audio quality before. Lastly, please note that there are specific visual references in this episode, and that’s because it’s typically a visual show. With those caveats aside, here is the episode!

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Also, the plan is for Off Panel Live! to have a skip week now. I have a regular podcast recording this upcoming weekend, so I’m taking that time to have a siesta and get my next guests scheduled for this.