SKTCHD Out #1: Brandon vs. David vs. Marvel vs. DC

SKTCHD launches its fan-centric podcast, as Brandon and David discuss what they'd do if they ran Marvel and DC

The former hosts of 4 Color News and Brews at Multiversity Comics are back, as Brandon Burpee and David Harper team up in SKTCHD Out, a new weekly comics podcast from In this week’s first episode, Brandon and David are hired as the Publishers of Marvel and DC and are tasked with relaunching everything in an attempt to save the comic giants from themselves. They share their ten dream books and creative teams for the new lines, and discuss their take on those two houses in the process. NOTE: This was originally recorded in early May. If it seems dated, you know why.

This is a Versus episode, which means there can only be one winner. Share whose line you would buy the most of in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Download the show for listening on the go here. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes.

Want to contact the team? Email them or find them on Twitter @slicedfriedgold or @brandonburpee.

Art in logo by Jeff Smith from Bone #1.