Comics Disassembled: Ten Things of Note from the Past Week in Comics, Led by SALES!

It’s Black Friday, that outrageous day of pure commerce. Let’s look at what’s going on in the world in Comics Disassembled, my look at ten things I liked or didn’t like from the week of comics, starting with Black Friday related sales.

1. Black Friday, Selling

As noted, it’s Black Friday, and if you’re looking for great comics at a low cost, there’s no better place to check than ComiXology right now. The Sales tab is bulging at the seams right now, as seemingly every publisher has something going. I was planning on doing a nearly comprehensive recommendation list for what’s up there, but I realized that would…take the rest of my life. So instead, I’ll do a quick rundown of some favorites from each channel:

  • Marvel: The Dawn of X sale is obviously loaded up with goodies, but if you’ve never read House of X and Powers of X, it’s more than 50% off right now so, you know, get on that.
  • DC: You can get all of Scalped for $34.95, and it’s one of the best Vertigo series ever, while also being one lots of people slept on. GET IT.
  • Dark Horse: You may have read Hellboy and main thread B.P.R.D., but did you read B.P.R.D. Vampire, the honestly standalone friendly mini-series from the Twins Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, with Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart taking part as well? If not, it’s half off right now, and just an outrageously great comic.
  • Image: The exceptional Lake of Fire fuses a Crusade story with alien invasion, and it results in a tremendous mini-series from Nathan Fairbairn and the incomparable Matt Smith. I know you haven’t read it. You should. It’s half off right now. Do it.
  • Oni: What I just said about Giant Day is also true about Scott Pilgrim, except here it’s every volume. GET THEM IF YOU HAVE NOT!
  • IDW: I mean, the obvious play is getting all of Locke & Key at $5.99 or less for each volume. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

2. Super Sons, Returning

DC’s digital portfolio continues to expand, as December 14th finds a new 14-entry series launching. This one’s a special one, as it’s the beloved duo of Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne – the Super Sons! – returning in Challenge of the Super Sons. For those who might be concerned about the duo’s age difference now that Kent has been aged up, I have good news for you: this takes place after the original creative team of Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez left the characters.

Even better? Tomasi returns to write these characters he’s the definitive voice for, with artist Max Raynor drawing the book alongside Jorge Corona and Evan Stanley. That’s a great team working on an anticipated series in an exciting and different format. This is all smart. I like it. Good job, DC!

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