Emerald City Comic Con 2021: Which notable person would you get a photo with at a con?

SKTCHD made its presence felt in the beginning of December at Emerald City Comic Con, and did it in the most me way possible: by going around with a microphone and asking comic book creators ridiculous questions. Five questions were asked in total, we’re now at the penultimate video that resulted from that experience.

Today’s entry continues the convention theme from last time, as I chatted with a gaggle of kind folks about celebrity photos. They’re a big part of conventions, but not everyone does them. But if creators like Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Ngozi Ukazu, and Tula Lotay could take a photo with someone at a convention – with that person being anyone from history, living or dead – who would it be? You can find their answers below.

Before we go, shouts to friend of the site David Kelley for spending the day with me at ECCC recording these videos. It was an exhausting blast of a day, and David did exceptional work throughout. Thanks to David for being the best!