It’s Been Too Long! Let’s Do a June Mailbag Q&A!

For those that are new around these parts, of which there are many, you might not know about the Mailbag Q&A’s I do for SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon. That’s because I haven’t done one since March after these columns being a steady part of the diet of what I do since I relaunched the site in 2019. But after a month off in April and May having its Mailbag quota filled with Off Panel #400’s call-in show, we’re back with the June Mailbag Q&A, and as per usual, I need your help.

My Mailbag Q&A’s are just what they sound like: each month (or so), subscribers and patrons get a chance to ask me any question they might have about any subject they might be interested in — and then I answer it in a column. Want specific thoughts about something related to comics, the industry, podcasting or comics? That makes sense! Curious as to any takes I may have on the NBA Finals, my trip to France, Across the Spider-Verse, or any number of other subjects? Sure! Want me to break down my surprising in-depth theory as to why I think Pitbull — aka Mr. Worldwide — is probably a pretty good dude? Okay, I guess, but how did you know that existed already?

I’m really open to anything. It can be real or hypothetical. Deeply serious or deeply stupid. Whatever you’re feeling, although I do reserve the right to convert your question into an article if the answer would be way too long to cover in this column. You can even ask multiple questions if you so desire. The point is for us to have some fun talking about things, in whatever capacity that means. This is meant to be an occasionally serious and always entertaining endeavor.

So, if you have something that fits that bill, or just have a question you’ve always wanted me to answer, now is the time. You can ask it by emailing me at, adding it to the comments of this post, or even tweeting me at either the SKTCHD account or my personal one. However you choose, but the only request is you get your questions in by Sunday, June 18th. Get it in by then, and I have you covered. Let’s have some fun, so hit me up soon!