Marvel’s Secret Minor League: The Hall of Fame of What If…? Stories That Became Realities

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  1. While also ignoring non-What If but really sort of What If titles like Marvel Zombies.

  2. Yet! Still waiting on that retcon where Nick Fury fought World War II in space for some reason!

  3. That’s the difficulty of the sliding scale of continuity. Wait long enough and something hyper specific like “What If…Captain America was revived in 1994?” probably became reality. I say that not knowing when his actual revival takes place in continuity at this point. It might even be, like, 2005 now.

  4. Or at least I assume. They could have been the kindling for a larger idea for all I know.

  5. With Jane Foster as Thor coming soon.

  6. Probably.

  7. This was Valeria, who was originally stillborn with that proving to be untrue thanks to her brother’s powers and Doctor Doom’s help.

  8. I should say, for the What If…? version of Matt Murdock and Elektra. The 616 version of Matt is left with the knowledge they he and Elektra would have been happy together. So…you know…opposite of a happy ending for 616 Matt.

  9. In reality, the stories are very different from one another, save for the whole “Thor becoming the Herald of Galactus” part.

  10. Which I should note doesn’t make it a runner up for the Hall. I just wanted to mention it.

  11. I say this knowing full well that so, so many What If…? stories are precisely that just with a different name.

  12. Or, even later, an almost aardvark/horse version by artist Steven Sanders in S.W.O.R.D. – which actually wasn’t a mutation, it was just how he was drawn by Sanders – a very unpopular iteration that I still like!

  13. Well, for the most part, as Vulcan wasn’t dead and Darwin also proved to not be dead eventually. Actually, Sway and Petra were, fittingly, resurrected on Krakoa as well. So no one is dead. You know what, I wasn’t kidding when I said no one stays dead in Marvel comics.