Now Accepting Questions for the August Mailbag Q&A!

Every month here on SKTCHD, there will be a monthly element that only you have access to, and that’s a monthly mailbag question and answer session. Sometimes that will actually be a live chat I host on the site, other times I might get guests to answer questions on here, but for the most part, these will be question and answer sessions in which you can ask me any question you might have about comics, the industry, writing, podcasting, food, sports, movies, TV, life or whatever you might have a question about.

All options are available, and believe me, the questions are normally wide and varied. So whatever you might have a question – or questions! – about, get it into me by either commenting on this very post or emailing me at Get your questions in by Tuesday the 6th at the latest to be included, as the Q&A will be going up next week. Let’s do this people!