Now Accepting Questions for the July Mailbag Q&A!

Have any questions for yours truly? Now's your chance!

Each month on SKTCHD, I’m hosting either a live chat or a Mailbag question and answer session as an element of the site, in which you can ask me any question you might have about really any subject and I’ll answer it. While we’re not quite to the live chat zone – that’ll be coming soon, though! – the Q&A is still super fun, and we’re doing that again this month.

So what can you ask? I’m not kidding about any subject being available. I regularly tackle comics and industry related questions, but we go deep into other topics like podcasting, writing, sports, food, movies, music, life perspectives and beyond. So whatever you’re interested in asking, we’ll make happen here!

How does it work? It’s easy. Just submit your questions to me by Saturday and answers will go up as a post early next week. You can either do that in the comments of this post or via email at Once you do that, they’ll be in the mix and we can make the magic happen.

Also, future editions may not just be me talking! I’m hoping to get some creators and beyond to partake in these community Q&As. Look for those to come in the near future as well!