The June Mailbag Q&A is Here!

I answer a ton of questions from SKTCHD subscribers and beyond in the site's first Mailbag Q&A

Each month here on SKTCHD, I’ll be hosting either a Mailbag Q&A or a live chat in which you, the site’s subscribers, can ask me any questions you might have about comics, the industry around it, writing, podcasting, sports, food, movies & TV, or whatever you feel like! Sometimes, it won’t be me, but a guest that’s here to answer your questions.

It’s meant to be a fun thing where you can ask whoever the featured person any random questions you might have, whether they’re job related or related to themselves (although I will be vetting them for the other folks who participate!). And this month’s first edition is a super fun one, filled with a wide mix of comic, sports and food questions in particular. But enough preamble. Let’s get to the questions!

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