We’re Back in Action, So Let’s Do a Mailbag Q&A for May 2024!

Well, as you may have realized from yesterday’s post for The Pull, SKTCHD is back in action. After taking April off from the site (but not the podcast!), I’m rested, recharged, and ahead on things for once. Will that allow me to keep the plates spinning and balls rolling? We’ll find out. But it’s put me into a good position for once, and one where I can hopefully churn out the hits in the sort of way I like to do things (i.e. hopefully of a high quality and high volume).

And with this return and the new month comes May’s Mailbag Q&A, in which I — the person behind SKTCHD and host of Off Panel — will answer whatever questions you might have. For those that are new here, these efforts are pretty straightforward, and it’s just what I said. It’s a question and answer session in which all you fine folks submit questions to me and then I answer them in a giant column later this month. It’s that simple.

But what kind of questions can you ask, you might be wondering? That’s really up to you. The bulk of them typically are about comics or the comic book industry, or something related to what I do at SKTCHD and Off Panel. That said, those aren’t everything by any means, as this column often brings in plenty of sports questions (and with the NBA playoffs going, the NFL draft just hitting, and the MLB season starting over my break, why wouldn’t it?), ones about movies, music, TV, or video games, and even wild hypotheticals or deep cuts I couldn’t even imagine but thankfully you could. The point is, I’m open to anything, and I’ll do my best to answer everything.

The other point is this: This column is meant to be fun, and it always is! You all always deliver such fun questions, and I have a blast digging into everything you send my way. The only real caveat is if the question is too big for me to break down into a fairly brief answer (or, brief for me at the very least), then I might graduate it to its own piece. This has happened before. It almost certainly will happen again. That’s the nature of this beast.

Submitting a question is simple. All you have to do is drop a question into the comments of this post, email me at david@SKTCHD.com, or hit me up on the social media platform of your choice. Send me your question and I’ll add it to the mix, with this column currently being planned to drop on May 23rd. As long as you get it to me by then, we’ll be good to go. Let’s have some fun, though, so send me some questions and we can get this party started.