Let’s Do a November 2022 Mailbag Q&A!

DC or Marvel? Graphic novels or single issues? Stuffing or mashed potatoes? These are amongst the many, many questions you could ask me in this month’s Mailbag Q&A, one that is again not a chat, but will soon be a chat because I’m still planning on that. There’s a fair number of fresh faces here, though, so let’s reintroduce the concept.

Each month on SKTCHD and Off Panel’s Patreon, I open the floor to subscribers and patrons to submit questions for me to answer in a Mailbag Q&A. It’s pretty straightforward. You have a question, I have an answer…in a later column that runs on both platforms. Questions typically are about my thoughts on comics, creators, and the industry, but they often escape in other directions, like the NBA, other sports, movie/TV show takes, Thanksgiving thoughts, and a whole lot more. I’m really open to anything, whether it’s real or hypothetical.

The emphasis, though, is to have some fun with this rather than to act as a jump off to feature length writing. Sometimes that happens! Once I had a particularly interesting question about which comic character I’d want to protect me if I was in a coma, and I had to blow that one out because it was too fun not to. But mostly, they’re quicker jaunts into the varying spaces I touch on and have interest in.

Submitting a question is easy as well! All you have to do is comment on this very post or email me at david at SKTCHD dot com, and I’ll add it to the mix. This will likely hit Thanksgiving week, so if you have questions, I have answers. Get them in over the next week or two and we can make some magic happen!