The Pull: A Look at the Comics Dropping the Week of May 1st

And we’re back! For one week only, The Pull is back on Wednesday, and that’s because I wanted to start things off with one of the regulars. Also, because I quickly realized that I have no idea what’s coming out each week without putting this column together, so my comic shop visits have been an adventure of late. But let’s get into the week’s releases, with it led by the launch of a new series I truly cannot wait.

Comic of the Week: The Whisper Queen #1

This is one of the easiest picks for the top spot this year so far, and likely will end up being one of the easiest for the year overall. The first story in the Blacksand world from writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Kris Anka, and colorist Matt Wilson – The White Trees – was an incredible three issue fantasy story with some of the most elite comic making you’ll find from any single issue series, and its sequel, The Whisper Queen, promises to rival it. Why is that? It really just comes down to the creators. Zdarsky, Anka, and Wilson are about as in sync as any creative team as you can find, and their skills perfectly complement one another. I’m very, very excited for this series, and you should be too, even if you never read The White Trees (because I do not believe there’s any previous required reading).

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